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Revelation 9 (Part 5) The fifth Trumpet

By Odon Bulamba (22nd July 2005)


The animals in Rev 9 will be led by their master, their boss, and their supervisor who is called Abaddon, which means the destroyer. If someone who is a destroyer is leading people imagine what will happen to them. How will the people that are lead by a destroyer control themselves? They can’t because they will just be given orders, “Do that!” and they will do it. They will not have pity on people because their master will say, “ Destroy it” and it will be destroyed. It is similar to gangster groups. They have a leader and their leader will say, “Ange do that, Peter do that.” You have to go and do whatever you are asked to do. Gangsters don’t have pity. They don’t think before they act. There is someone who thinks in his or her place. They don’t have the time to stand up and think what shall we do, because someone already thinks in their place. It is similar to the army also. In the army you don’t have to think, your commander will think instead of you and he will just give you the orders. Your response will be “Yes Sir,” although you know it is wrong but you have to just say “Yes Sir.”

The destroyer who has been kept in the Abyss for many years will come out, He will lead a multitude and will say, “I must fight, I must take revenge against people. I have to destroy,” as it is written in John 10:10, satan will destroy seriously. People who drink, smoke or do such and such today, they may think it is a distraction but Satan will show them it is not a distraction, it is death. “I have to punish the world according to my power.”

After the 5 months God will come back again and will stop them acting. There will be a short time to pass before going to the 6th trumpet. This is the story of the 5th trumpet. I’m not sure if there are any questions or not.

“Is this place a physical place?”

“Where would you find the Abyss?”

At the moment it’s hidden by God. But during that time it will be open, everybody will know its location.

I remember once we were praying and people were asking God where can we find it and he didn’t show it to us. Then some people were given a recommendation, they were told to take two white eggs with them and go to the lake. The people went to the lake. Two of them said, “We can go and visit that place.” (The Abyss) Two others said, “No, we can’t go.” Then there was a division among those people. Finally they didn’t go. Later on a lady was selling donuts. She was a Christian lady and we knew her. Next to where she was selling the donuts there was another shop selling donuts too. The other lady could sell all her stock within 2 hours. After a time the first lady found that she was not getting enough money. She was losing. She now visited the second lady (who sold a lot of donuts) and asked, “How come everyday you sell your donuts, although mine are good and taste nicer than yours?” She answered, “There is a secret. I will tell you.”

She took that lady somewhere one morning and that lady disappeared. That lady was one of the wives among the four servants that were praying. Her husband asked her friend, “Where is my wife?” “I don’t know where she is.” Through prayers God revealed to those men again to go and see the Abyss because that is where your wife is. The men thought, who will go there? She was kept there because she went to go and look for a talisman to show her how she could sell her stuff with success and get lots of money.

After a few days of fasting that man was obliged to go there with another brother. They went back to the river again and followed the instructions given to them with the eggs and from the lake there was a way. It was just like the Red Sea with the Israelites. Those two men walked in and the lake came back again. When they went down there, according to their testimony, they saw a big town. But the town was really full of problems and difficulties. But it was really a nice town. Everything they saw around was really perfect but people were seriously suffering. They were asked by someone, “Where are you going because you don’t look like us.” They said they were going to look for someone who disappeared on the earth. When they were there they met with Lucifer. This is not a legend it’s a true story. They were told, “Here he is, this is Lucifer but you have to adore him before you go closer to him.” He was sitting in his chair, he was stuck he couldn’t move. He was shining and was really handsome but his legs were like a goats legs. It was strange. He said, “Why are you looking at my legs?” He was really angry. “Why are you even in my kingdom? You are not supposed to be here.” The man said, “I need my wife.”

He said “I’m sorry I cant give her back because while she was on the earth she used to cast me out, she used to cast out my people and now she is here, she is imprisoned. To take her back will cost the price of someone else. If you want to sacrifice your child or someone from your family, I’ll give her life back in exchange.” They came back home with their testimony and the wife remained there forever.

I’m sure God allowed that to be done so people can at least have an idea about that place. So, the Abyss exists but it is somewhere. Maybe one day we’ll talk about it deeply. So we must understand that Satan is not far away from us in the same way that God is not far away from us. To understand that is to talk about death. If I ask you where is death? Death is everywhere you can just go outside and die, you can be in here right now and just die. If I am sick I can just die. You can be healthy and then just die automatically. Satan is also the same. The Abyss is not far away from us and it physically exists.

“You mentioned that the Abyss is also called Shoal?”

Yes somewhere in the Bible they call Abaddon himself ‘Shoal’ but the Abyss itself is also called Shoal. Shoal is given the picture of what we are calling Hell but in the Abyss at the moment there is no fire, its only smoke and pain, that’s all but one day God will add fire on it and that will be the time it will be called Hell. When that time will arrive as its written in Revelation 20 he will take the entire world like a sheet of paper and throw it in that place, from there the eternal fire will act, it will not consume our bodies but will make us to suffer and suffer for eternity.

The purpose of God bringing the 5th trumpet on the earth is to bring people back to Him, so people can repent and change their ways. Unfortunately they won’t accept. So Shoal is also the name of the Abyss but Shoal will be confirmed when fire will be added to it. That is why when we were learning about the fire that came from the heaven a few weeks ago, it was mixed with hail and didn’t really destroy a lot of things, because the smoke will just stop it. That’s the picture of that.

“At the moment we know Satan is bound, when he is given the key, will he be released to open it up?” No he will not be released. He will be given the power for 5 months to go through the entire world and co ordinate his troops. He will take the leadership of his troops. At the moment Satan and his angels are down there. Some of them who didn’t have the chance to be in the Abyss are outside. They are the ones who lead the evil spirits. If someone dies as a sinner they can use his soul and make it as a demon. But at that time the angry demons that stayed with Satan for years and years down there will come out. They will act for 5 months and then they’ll go back and be stopped by God. Then the time that God will release Satan for 1000 years that will be a disaster. It will be worse than this. This means that Satan will be given the chance to act as leader of his troops for 5 months then he’ll go back so people can have at least the picture of Satan. He will have the picture of a human being. In Revelation 17 we will read that too.

“So at that time, will we (Christians) be here?”
Yes we will be here.

“What about the woman who went to the Abyss?”
She is gone. This means that she was a Christian of man, she did not really believe in Christ. She used her body, she could go to church and pretend to be someone but she didn’t really have Christ in her life.

“In Revelation 9:11 where it’s talking about the angel of the Abyss and his name is Abaddon the destroyer. Is that another name for Satan?”
Yes. That’s Satan himself, as it says, they have hair like women’s I’m not sure if you’ve got that picture.

“So when Satan is unleashed at that time that means we have the Antichrist?”

The Antichrist is already there but the power will now come upon him. Not just to cover him but also to lead the entire world and you will know then that the Antichrist is acting because everything will be dark. There will not be light at all which means that people will hate the Word of God. Now we are talking about the Word of God but if you start to observe in our younger generation, teenagers especially, if we say, “Lets read the Bible,” they will answer, “Oh its boring I don’t like praying, I don’t like Christ.” They try their best to push God and His plans far away from them. Today we can find music CDs that are related to demons. Young people really like them. They prefer to spend their time in places where Satan is acting more than places where God is acting. So that’s where we are going now.

“So if these locusts are something that we can physically see with our eyes does that mean we will also be able to see Satan physically with our eyes or is he more in spirit?” He will be the leader and here the Bible says that he will lead the demons but we will not see him because we don’t know his face but he will be the co coordinator.

“So these locusts will look like this? That’s bizarre.”

It’s not bizarre because God has been preparing us already. You can see someone who gave birth to a child that has got 2 heads.

“So people will think its normal?”

It will be just normal because we are going there slowly. God is taking us there slowly. You will see someone for example who gives birth to a 2 headed child, one head is a human being and the other like a pig head.

“And that’s how we’ll be deceived?”
Exactly and then science will add something. They will take something from somewhere and put it in humans, experiment with it until it produces something that is strange. They will say, “Oh we have discovered something in research. Pete gave birth to a zebra.” Then we’ll start to see these things and become familiar with them. We’ll start to say it is evolution, technology and so on. When those images appear no one will be afraid.

“We won’t be harmed?”
No we won’t be harmed because already we are protected as we read in Luke. They will not have the power to harm us. If really we belong to Christ they will not have the power to harm us. But we’ll have the power to tramp on them and kill them.

“Why did God allow that to happen to that woman?”

God let it happen to teach us that when we commit ourselves to him we have to be serious. Many people are in the church, there can be hundreds but we can find only 20 people who are really Christians, others go to church to please themselves; it might be a habit or they want to gain benefits from the church, they are not really giving their lives to the Creator.

“Are the ones that will come, will they be boys or girls?”

I think if the Bible says they will have hair like women then they are men. Don’t forget we have 2 men in the Bible and in their hair was a secret. Absolom and Samson. To understand the meaning of the hair you have to really understand what was covered in Samson and Absolom’s hair. So because they are demons maybe they will not be women. They’ll be just demons.

“Do demons get a second chance?”

No there is no second chance at all. They are already condemned. They are just waiting for Hell to be opened up for them, that’s all. There is no repentance at all. Because of anger they are trying to destroy us.

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