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Revelations 8 (Part VI) Plague of Frogs

By Odon Bulamba (Friday 1st July 2005)

Revelations 8:8-11, Then the second angel blew his trumpet, and a great mountain of fire was thrown into the sea. One-third of the water in the sea became blood, one-third of all things living in the sea died, and one-third of all the ships on the sea were destroyed.

Then the third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from the sky, burning like a torch. It fell on one-third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star was Bitterness. It made one-third of the water bitter, and many people died from drinking the bitter water.

One thing Moses was taught by God is to go and punish Egypt. Moses was already aware of what was coming. Pharaoh and the Egyptians didn’t know.

As today, the church knows what is coming for this world and the world is completely ignorant. The world doesn’t know what God holds for its future. People find explanations with evolution, progress, science and such and such but they completely forget the coming danger. God will tell his people every time something is coming. God told Moses everything the first time, asking him to go to Pharaoh, to do such and such things and he told him what would happen. Moses went to visit Pharaoh and already knew if Pharaoh refuses God’s request that day, frogs will be everywhere, except in the small town where the Hebrews lived.

As Moses knew the frogs will spread everywhere that day, the church today, us, knows Jesus is coming back soon. We know this world will be punished with sickness, famine and war everywhere. These are the signs and we are aware of them but what shall we do now?

We must move to find a small town where we will be protected, where those things will never reach us. That small town is what we call our faith in Jesus Christ. We must be protected under the blood of Jesus, we must put our faith in Him and know that although war and problems are expected, we will be safe and we must inform others about the punishment that is coming.

When the 1st angel blows the trumpet, the rain that will come (let me call it rain) or the hail will be mixed with fire and that rain of fire and hail will burn a third of the world. That has already happened spiritually and it will happen physically exactly the same way. We are already living spiritually in the time of the trumpets described in Revelation 8; but when God removes the church from the earth He’ll complete them physically.

It was the same when He told Moses, “Go, do this and frogs will come”. Moses knew something would happen, something would be created from whatever he’d say. Moses was like a small god because he just had to tell the frogs to come and frogs would come. Whenever he does something, something would happen.

God gave us those promises, saying that whenever He will take His church from this earth, it must happen, and it will happen. Now we have to tell people, “This is coming. Are you ready?” Some Christians are not in that place of refuge. What will happen to them if they are not there? If they are out of that small town, it will be a disaster.

So frogs are small animals, which really look funny. When frogs want to lay eggs, first of all they go down to the river. Something like a tissue covered with oil will come out of their bodies and eggs will be laid underwater. So, although the eggs are in the water, the water will never touch the eggs. They are protected there for an amount of time, they’ll grow and hatch.

Today, our water is the Word of God. Among Christians, some people lay eggs, which will be fully covered by the Word of God. But down there, those eggs will not produce the glory for God. Although these people use the Word of God, they actually put something under that Word that will produce a danger for the church tomorrow.

Frogs lay eggs and after a time leave them underwater until new frogs come out. When they come out they don’t look like frogs, they just look like small fish. They have a head and a tail and they can swim. They don’t have a proper colour but you can see them moving in the water. After some time, they loose their tails, grow legs, and finally they become frogs, that jump around.

And that’s the same thing with the church today:

Satan puts something down in the word of God, he hides it there and that thing is growing up slowly and then one day it will come out. After coming out it will go around everywhere and destroy the church. That thing is what we call the spirit of no trust. That’s the first thing Satan puts into the church.

For example, Colleen is a Christian, Marcia is a Christian but when we talk together I have doubts. Is what she’s telling me really true? Is it correct? Is the way she is serving God true? Is it true… is it true? And when that doubt grows amongst us it will keep growing bigger and bigger. It will lead us to start doubting the Word of God. Who really cares about God? Is it really true that God is there? Is it really true that one day we’ll be in the kingdom of God? Is it true that something like that will happen tomorrow?

God says that when Moses goes to Pharaoh’s house something will happen. Frogs that are in the Nile and in all the rivers around the city will come out. When your brother Aaron raises his staff the frogs in the rivers will go into the country areas of Egypt. Tonight, we are crossing a hard situation, which doesn’t please God. Already we can see many things coming from the church. Many things are coming from different corners of the world. We have many rivers in the world and those rivers are compared to Bible versions. The Nile, which is the biggest river across Egypt, is what many people used to call the Jerusalem Bible. It was compared to the Nile because the Jerusalem Bible has a lot of things that our Bibles don’t have. They have added things, removed others and everything can vary according to the author. But it’s not only the Jerusalem Bible. The other small rivers that can provide life are our other Bible versions. They also will start to produce frogs and those frogs will come to the city. Those frogs today are in the city of Egypt, which is this world. The politicians, magicians, students, even researchers will use the Bible. We can easily use the Bible for everything that we want.

What do frogs do? I’ve never seen anyone who has a pet frog. If they do, it might just be to watch them grow and teach our children how they change. But when frogs are fully-grown up there is no use of owning a frog unless you want your frog to wake you up every morning, or hear its noise every night. That’s what today people who come out of the Word of God are doing in this world, they just stand there to complain and make noise in front of God.

Look at a frog! It is a small animal. You will never notice when it is angry or full. You will never know when it cries or laughs either. But a frog has got all those small things in its life. When it is time now to complain the frog doesn’t only complain with its voice, but you can see something popping up under its mouth. It goes “Croak, croak, croak, croak”. You may say to the frog, “What are you talking about”? But if you talk, the frog will keep quiet, completely silent. After 2 seconds the noise of the frog will start again.

Today, in our churches, in our governments and our countries, we have many Christians living like frogs. For everything, they will jump to talk, not to talk for God’s glory but to talk and hide things. When a frog does that movement or croaks, we can hear it. But you will notice something under its mouth. Not everything comes out, there is something hiding under the mouth or the tongue of the frog. Scientists have never told us what it is, or what makes it to inflate and then deflate again. They just say, “It might be the respiratory system, or it’s their way of breathing”. But that is not correct, there is something hidden.

The frogs (spiritual frogs) have destroyed our world today. They or we are many and everywhere. I say we because we, the church contribute to that. We are supporting the world to know the Kingdom of God. We want them to know the Word of God but unfortunately we are the only ones who cannot express our ideas clearly. It’s just like “Croak, croak, croak.”

Whenever preachers go somewhere to talk about God, they try not to be clear because they think, “ If I talk clearly Colleen or Steve might not agree with me. So let me make it sound like someone is talking but I won’t make it clear.” Many servants of God tonight as we are talking right now serve God but they are not sure whom they believe in. They are not sure who they are preaching and teaching. They are afraid of it.

This is the first thing.

The second thing: when a frog grows it has 4 legs – 2 at the front and 2 at the back. But the 2 back ones are dangerous and really scary. They can make a frog jump 5 metres long within 2 seconds. They are really good at jumping. When they jump they don’t care what they land on, they just do it.

Many people today in the church of God have that movement of jumping. They are not stable in their lives. After a jump, you will not see its feet or its legs land they will just fold them again and be back in their first position. Nothing will tell you the frog has just jumped from here to there unless you have eyes to see. That’s why God warned us, people of God, to open our eyes so that we can see what is going on around us because our church is really losing control. The compass is turning toward the west instead of being toward the north. So we are moving away from God’s will.

The frog is a minister of God who does not recognize God’s power and wants to lead the church or his ministry according to his knowledge and ability. The people now will get some eggs (I don’t know where from, maybe Satan) they will put them in the Word of God and produce new Christians who are Christians without faith.

For example, in the Bible, we saw many people who used to be people of God. Last time we talked about Genesis 49, Jacob with all his descendants. He chose who would be who and he blessed them according to God’s will. He chose them according to what God had put in him. Although all of them were his descendants some of them were cast out. In the church also, we’ve got that group of people who were cast. They can say, “We are servants of God and we belong to Him!” but they are not God’s messengers. They pretend to be God’s messengers but they act for the glory of Satan. So please brothers and sisters, pray, ask God for help so you can discern who is who in the churches and who I am myself in the church so that maybe I will not find myself to be a part of this population of frogs.

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