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Revelation Chapter 8 (Part V) The Third Angel

 By Odon Bulamba (24th June 2005)

Revelation 8:10-11

The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of that star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many died from the water, because it was made bitter.

Because we misinterpret the Word of God, God will send a big spirit of misleading and it will come down into the church and start to kill seriously. It will get to the point that if we want to give the Word its proper meaning, people will refuse to listen to it and say: There is a lot of confusion in your Bible, Jehovah’s witnesses say one thing and Mormons another … the Word has now become bitter for us and we don’t want to listen to it anymore. Because of our way of preaching, people will be put off to go to church, they don’t want to hear about God anymore. They think it’s just a philosophy, they don’t understand.

That star is already here under the sun and has been working as a spirit of false teaching or false prophecy. It’s been here for a while and today most preachers under the sun are false preachers. They don’t preach properly and spread a Pharisee or Sadducee’s teaching. They want to convince people and show off their teaching but behind it there is no truth.

Before Jesus came down there were many teachers, rabbis and masters who would teach people and explain to them the Word of God. When Jesus came though he said their teachings were not true, they didn’t know what they were talking about. They give fruit to you as Satan also gives a fruit and commands to eat it to become someone and if we are not careful and eat that fruit forgetting God told us not to eat that fruit, we will die.

That’s why, after any preaching, the Bible asks us to go back home, open our Bibles and find out the truth. Don’t believe what I am telling you without reading it, find it, read it, and accept it. If you can’t find it, come back to me and let me know and ask me to explain what was said.

If you lose your salvation, I’ll not be responsible for it. In front of God, you can’t say as an excuse: “Odon was the one who taught me that”. You will still be judged. God will answer you: “Time has come for you to be judged, deal with your own matter, you could read, you knew how to pray, why didn’t you practise it?”

So that star is here today under the sun.

How many corners does a star have? Usually it has five corners, and there is a pentagon in the centre. So the pentagon, which represents America, is the centre of that big star coming down to the earth. The Pentagon controls all the five big continents that exist under the sun so every corner represents one continent. At school, I’ve learned there are only 5 continents but now in NZ I’ve heard there are 7 continents, or sometimes they talk about 4 continents or another time about 8 continents around the world.

NB: From the Robert French dictionary, there are 5 continents:

Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

Others refer to 7 continents:

North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

Science tries to cover reality. When that big star comes down, one third of the earth will be destroyed and today one third of the earth is controlled by the American church. If you want to know about churches and contact their head office, go to America. Do you want to know about the Baptist church? Their archbishop lives in (maybe) Los Angeles. Whatever you want to know about churches you’ll find their head offices/ headquarters in America. Only few churches have their head quarters in another country and these ones are the poorest churches in the world.

If today Michael or Peter wants to start a church, they’ll be looking at a sponsor. This will not come from NZ, the NZ government will not fund them so they will look to America. The Ecumenical Council in America governs all churches around the world. In that Council, they use the New American Version, the only version allowed to be used when you are invited there. If you come with a King James Version, they will not accept it because it’s “old fashion”.

What is their reason to use the New American Version only? We don’t know.

This Council doesn’t build up a strong church but is actually destroying it. This has led some churches to blaspheme the Word of God: for example to bless a gay marriage.

- But what about Romans 1:26-27?

- Oh, this was for the Romans and now we must understand real life, of modern times. Romans 1: 26 doesn’t even exist in my Bible.

So when that star comes down we will see blood in the church: people will hate each other. In 1 John 3:15, it is written if you hate someone you are the same as a murderer; hating and killing are the same. So whenever you hate someone, you are already a murderer. I think hatred occupies the first position in some churches today. You can get away with hating someone in the church.

1 John 3:15

All who hate a brother or sister are murderers, and you know that murderers do not have eternal life abiding in them.

So hatred is everywhere in our churches, pastors hate others, and Christians hate other Christians and children hate others, and others hate children, black people hate white people and white people hate black people, and yellow people … it’s all there and we are called murderers.

And that Council has encouraged it, for example if I am black I will never be a priest and even if my grandfather died in sin, I cannot be baptised for him so that he can get salvation, because I am black, God can’t accept it, they say. But if a white person and especially from America asks today to be baptised in the name of this ancestor, who died in sin four generations ago, he will get what he wants. He will be baptised, his ancestor will be saved and belong to the Kingdom of God.

NB: this practice is not biblical but they do it anyway.

So hatred is there what shall we do? If one is from a Pentecostal church and another one from a Brethren church, they can’t cooperate. Even if they meet in a party, they’ll keep their distance, but if they meet another person from their own denomination, they’ll share together and cooperate.

So, where are we going and what will happen tomorrow?

Blood is everywhere in churches.

Once I visited a church and I was the only black person there. Everybody was very white. That day, I wore a black suit and everything was black on me. At the main entrance someone was welcoming people. When I arrived, he looked at me, opened big eyes, looked at me again, so I said:

- Can I help you? I’m coming in your church.

- Here?

- Yes.

- Who told you about this church?

- That’s not the problem. I just saw the cross and I came.

- And have you visited other churches?

- No, I am coming here.

- Maybe you can find some African and go to their church.

- No. I want to come here.

- Give me your name.

- I am late and I want to come in.

I chose my place to sit in the church where it’s tidy and old ladies have a special seat. I sat in the middle of the bench and everybody started to move away from me. Finally, the person on the right corner left and went to the back and the person on the left did the same. In the end, I was alone on that bench. When they started praying I stood up and went to pray by them so they moved again and when it was time to preach, they couldn’t believe the preacher was a black person! So he started and first thanked them for that opportunity to be among them, black and white together even though he was the only black person there.

So let me tell you something: “When I came to the church, I sat somewhere but everybody ran away from me. Why did you run? Don’t you know that discrimination or other reasons cannot separate us from the love of God? He talked and most of these people were sick and by the grace of God after praying some of them were healed. They testified they couldn’t accept that God worked with black people as well and this was the first time they’d seen such a thing. “We had learned black people just belong to hell”.

In this country or other countries you might see similar things.

So, the time is here, and the third of our churches is completely dead. If you visit a church with 90 Christians, you’ll see 30 of them are away from the Word and among these 30 you’ll also find pastors and leaders.

Three years ago, I wrote a letter to Pastor Tamaki, to warn him about his political party. I told him what God wanted and I wrote more than two pages. I prayed and asked God if it was His will for that he would receive this letter. I was given his personal address and his email address, I sent him an email. He answered two lines, “Thank you brother for that and I hope God loves me”. No other comment.

Six or seven months later, God revealed something else saying “You are far, it’s now a matter of business, and I will punish you”. He received the message and didn’t listen. Two days ago, I heard he is now a bishop. Who is a bishop, and what is that “bishop” ministry in your Bible? There are only six ministries, and none of them is called “bishop”. To become a bishop it’s to take on a big responsibility. First of all they are given a staff and that staff has a meaning. It is different from Moses’ staff, or Aaron’s staff, it’s not a “good shepherd’s staff”. They call it a “pure or holy” staff and it is similar to the pope’s staff. Secondly they are anointed with oil. What type of oil is it? Cooking oil, a body lotion, or special oil?

It is better to understand our actions and their consequences.

On the day of the ceremony, something will change in the “bishop’s” life. They don’t talk about God anymore, but most of them glorify themselves. They command because they are given an authority that will be fulfilled in the book of Revelation chapter 17. That power will come into them and make them work hand in hand with Satan. What a shame for the church! Tomorrow, you’ll find out your pastor is a political leader who quarrels on TV with Helen Clark. Is he a pastor or is he something else?

Let’s pray.

Pray for your country, pray for your people, pray for the church in general.

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