Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revelation 12 (Part 6) The Fight With Satan

By Odon Bulamba (10th August 2007) Revelation 12:7-17

Revelation 12: 7, “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels waged war”.

There was a war in heaven. When I think of a war, I see calamities, any types of disasters and any bad pictures of war. But the politicians say that if you want peace we must start war, if you want to win the power, you must fight for it, if you want the victory or success or control over something, you must fight.

In the heaven there was a war: that war wasn’t God against Satan but Michael the Archangel was the one trying to fight against Satan. Satan stood up and said: “I’m not leaving this kingdom because I have the right to be here”. When God created Satan, He knew that one day Satan will revolt against him. So He said: “You have to get out”. And the archangel said: “We must use force because you are not accepting”, and he pushed Satan and he was cast out. But Satan did not just go just like that, he resisted, he fought back. Imagine someone standing up in front of God and trying to fight God, imagine someone who says: “I don’t accept your decision, God, I will resist it. I don’t have the same opinion as you”.

Frankly, today the church has been trying its best to fight God’s will. People today will stand up and say:

- No, I’m not sure if what you are telling me is correct. I am not sure if the message of God is true. I’m not even sure if God Himself exists.

And they will tell you a lot of things, which oppose God’s power and sometimes they will be pushed by someone:

- Look, the Bible says such and such things. What do you think? And they will tell you:

- No and then give you another version. For instance, someone told me one day:

- If God was really merciful the Tsunami could not have happened. If God was really merciful, the event of 9-11 could not have happened. So, how can you say that God is love? How can you say that God is so great and merciful with all that is surrounding us?

So, we, the church today, we stand up and oppose God and when we reach that level of intoxicating other people, revolting other people, telling them: “Join us and we can fight the truth”, that is the time for God to push us out.

So, Michael as you know is an archangel and he fights. That’s his role, to defend God’s army, to defend God’s glory but Michael is also there to defend God’s people. Some will tell you they are walking in the street with angels of God and they protect me. But not all angels protect you, only Michael has that right towards the people of God.

Let's listen to God's voice and the Word of God and not resist it or fight against it but make the effort to live according to it so that we will not be pushed out of God's Kingdom in the same way that satan was. 

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