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Revelation 12:3 (Summary) Dragon & the Woman

By Odon Bulamba (5th May 2006) Summary only

When Jesus walked on water the disciples were present and they were afraid and hardened their hearts (Mk 6:51,52) and worshipped Him (Mt 14:33) which means that is it possible to worship God while you are afraid. It is hard but you can and it is a good weapon to have when you are crossing a hard situation because when you worship you will find victory but if you decide to find your own solution it will not be easy to think about God. For example Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-nego worshipped while they were in the inferno and victory belonged to them. Also Paul and Silas worshipped while in prison and they were set free and the authorities didn’t even try to find them, which means that after victory it is impossible to go back again. When we cross a hard situation and fear is there we have to worship God.

Rev 12:3, God opened John’s eyes to see things that no one had seen before, he saw a red dragon coming from heaven (some versions say coming from the sea or the earth) and I’m not sure that John knew exactly what a dragon was at that time. I’ve never seen a dragon so how would I know but because John had spiritual eyes, he could see.

The red dragon represents satan and some say he is red because he is covered with the blood of those he killed. A dragon is something that gives fear and panic and doesn’t have forgiveness and when you see it you try to escape because there is no mercy. Bruce Lee had a power to perform miracles and could do things that normal people can’t do because of the power of the dragon. A dragon is dangerous and is the worst of all the beasts.

This dragon came close to the pregnant lady and he wasn’t afraid of the sun and although satan knows God is close to us and that Jesus Christ is our master, he doesn’t fear and he always tries to tempt us. The dragon was waiting for the baby to be born and although he could have just killed the lady and then the baby would have been killed too, he waited for the child to be born because he only wanted the baby and no one else. The lady was crossing a hard time waiting for labor and satan was pushing her to give birth. Some people say this relates to Mary giving birth to Jesus and Herod tried to kill all the children under two years old but the dragon didn’t go to all the pregnant ladies (as Herod did) and not all women are covered by the sun.

This verse is talking about the true church that is in you. The dragon knows that us Christians will give birth to something that will save the earth and he knows that this birth will destroy his kingdom so he tries to destroy that birth first.

Daniel 7:7&8, the fourth beast is a different picture to what we see today so imagine if you saw a cow with 10 horns, what would you do? Be afraid, run away? Daniel tried to describe the animal but wasn’t really able and these two animals in Revelations and Daniel are similar animals. The ten horns represent the 10 kings and the power that will be given to those kings. In the world of spirituality satan uses 10 weapons which are the foundation of his kingdom to destroy the church and during the end days people will find those 10 tools (II Timothy 3:2). Those things are building the kingdom of his animal and when you have them in you people will either fear you or criticize you because they will see a monster, e.g. you love money or you love yourself.

Satan with his kingdom tries to be next to you to see what will come out from you to see if what you will give birth to will glorify God or your own life. Do you glorify God in your way of talking or whatever you do? If you give to others (spirituall) you will glorify God but satan will try to stop you and if you do stop, then satan will win (kill that birth). We forget there is a danger in our actions, we forget that if we are not acting with wisdom we offer what God gave us to satan. Imagine your good actions can bring salvation but you are trying not to do it.

In the church of God we don’t have to follow denominations because the denomination will never get you in to the Kingdom of God. A good strategy satan uses is to go through denominations because in denominations we have different versions of the Bible (e.g. Methodist uses NKJ while Pentecostal uses NIV) and they write down rules that they follow. Satan puts rules in churches so that people will follow rules more than the Bible and it reaches the point now that people can be excommunicated but where is forgiveness. Instead of supporting people and leading them to repentance the church throws them out but Jesus left 99 sheep to search for 1 lost one. In Corinthians it says that we don’t have to put people aside for what they did but to give their flesh to satan and be careful with their souls. Tell the actions to go away but the soul is very important. Don’t participate in excommunicating others because the same measure that you use for others will be used for you.

Satan knows that Christians are struggling to give birth to the glory of God, to please the creator and so satan is struggling to destroy what you will give birth to so there will be no good result and no one can find salvation form it. To give glory to God we must have good fruit because that is how people know the tree by what fruit it produces, so what fruit do you produce?

We need to focus on the Word of God only because if we focus on denomination, rules, or culture we will go far from God and we will lose the new born. God looks at us to see what we have inside of us (what pregnancy we have), the Holy Spirit, love, faith good actions? After seeing what is in you God will protect you as He protected the woman. John 1, in the beginning was the Word, nothing else and if you want God to cover you and protect you, you must be in that Word.

Trust in God and not in man because He knows your future and your life and He can lead you. You can trust in people, your mind, your country but you will be disappointed. If you trust in God you will never be disappointed. You can be in a hard situation but it will be ok if you are with God. There is a time for everything, a time for joy, a time for mourning, a time for money, a time for nothing, but Jesus says that whoever is thirsty come to Me and drink water and get life. Remember when you cross a hard situation that there is a time for that but it will pass. Don’t think of sinning or trying to find your own solution, just trust in God. The more you come close to God the more He will come close to you.

Jesus Christ is teaching us today so don’t neglect that little voice or any person or any message, take it and analyze it and if it matches with the Word of God, do it.


- When you cross a hard situation, worship God
- Satan has 10 tools he uses to build his kingdom (II Tim 3:2) so don’t use them
- Your good works can give birth to salvation and satan tries to kill that birth
- Glorify God with your fruit (goodness, kindness, patience, love etc)
- We need to focus on the Word of God; not denominations, rules, culture etc
- Trust only in God because in Him you will never be disappointed
- Remember what you are crossing now will pass
- Don’t neglect God’s voice through people, messages, situations etc

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