Monday, June 13, 2011


By Odon Bulamba

  1. Have lost their sense of mission to those who have not heard about Jesus Christ and do not pant after the Great Commission – (care less for the lost souls and want to see the church full of physical representation members) 
  1. They are concerned about social change than they are about seeing people changed by the power of God.
  1. Exist primarily to provide fellowship for the "members of the club" – preach what pleases to members than telling them the truth
  1. Expect their pastors to focus primarily on ministering to the members' personal spiritual needs (formalities, rituals) than God’s recommendation;

  1. Design ministry to meet the needs of their members than the need of God;
  1. Have no idea about the needs of the "stranger outside the gates;"
  1. Are focused more on the past accomplishment than the future and satisfied with its present state;
  1. Often experience major forms of conflict;
  1. Is more concerned with material growth than it is with spiritual growth (church is more concerned with pleasing men than pleasing God)
  1. A dying church is one that loses its conviction that the Bible is the Word of God. They accept some parts and reject others. Policies, point of views and rules have replaced the Bible
  1.  The often use corrupted Bibles to cover their nakedness


  1. The church turns outward in its focus.
  2. Jesus, not the institution, will become the object of our affection.
  3. The Great Commission will become our mandate, and we will measure everything we do by how many new converts we make rather than whether we have a black bottom line.
  4. Membership in the Kingdom will replace membership in the church.
  5. Pastors will cease being chaplains of pastoral care and will become modern-day apostles of Jesus Christ.
  6. And those who try to control the church with an iron fist or intimidate the church at every turn of the road will be shown the door.

N.B. Jesus’ advice to Sardis is on top of the list (Revelation 3:1-6)

More Signs of a Dead Church:

  1. Don’t start on time
  2. No opening or closing prayer
  3. Leaders are unprepared
  4. A loud minority runs the church
  5. Slogans in church to praise the leader(s) rather than God
  6. What they say, more than what is right or wrong
  7. Complain about what’s wrong, but never how to fix it God’s way
  8. Tell what to do but not how to do it
  9. No order/silence in church (Habakkuk 2:20)
  10. Act like they are perfect and others are not
  11. Take credit for others work
  12. Always looking for glory and honor
  13. Members aren’t allowed to make final decision in any matter including personal life
  14. Want the praise too much (anything done in your life, you have to testify in front of the church that they prayed for you)
  15. No appreciation given for those that do serve the Lord
  16. Censure of all preaching
  17. No effort to bring anyone
  18. All messages are about physical church projects
  19. Discipline without love
  20. Uncomfortable talking about the things of God
  21. Most of them don’t carry bibles to church programmes
  22. Little or no spiritual activities
  23. Before praying you have to ask for leaders permission
  24. Preacher not given a raise in pay
  25. Not aware of other servants needs
  26. No goals, programmes or church objectives for the coming season
  27. Working without understanding for whom they are working
  28. They have lost their first love
  29. Lukewarm
  30. Afraid and unfaithful
  31. Tolerate sin and name it error or mistake
  32. False teaching and no repentance
  33. Asleep
  34. Respect for the wealthy more than others
  35. Not aware of God’s plan
  36. Minimal knowledge of the Bible
  37. No calling out or crying out to God
  38. Division
  39. Cliques
  40. Emphasis on social rather than spiritual
  41. Rejection of spiritual ideas (‘this belong to old time’)
  42. Resistance to change
  43. It won’t work here syndrome
  44. Everything seems too much of an effort
  45. Not willing to give any time
  46. They are birds of same color
  47. Sacrifice is out of the question
  48. Not familiar with the danger of apostasy (backsliding)
  49. Don’t know how to fix it
  50. Blame each other
  51. Not willing to take a stand for anything
  52. Isolation from other churches
  53. Against new ministers
  54. Against revelation and the work of the Holy Ghost among them
  55. Dislike new songs
  56. Not against sin                        
  57. Sunday school is socialization
  58. Pastor(s) dominated by leadership - often wealthy people/elders
  59. Problems poorly handled, ignored or magnified unless you are wealthy
  60. No plans for growth
  61. Little or no show of love for new comers
  62. Curious to know your life – if rich you’re warmly welcomed. If poor no fellowship
  63. Competition in ministering
  64. Threats to kick believers out of the system
  65. Forget the purpose of the church
  66. Church priorities are unclear and confused
  67. Lose touch with God
  68. Fail to seek God’s advice and direction
  69. Bitterness, hatred and a lack of forgiveness
  70. Critical with a focus on people mistakes
  71. Holy Ghost is not accepted to act
  72. The joy of salvation and serving Jesus is lost
  73. Routine, rut, ritual and action without meaning
  74. Problems are not looked at as opportunities to learn from
  75. Things are thrown together and done second class with God getting the leftovers
  76. Confusion
  77. Disorganization
  78. Signs of end of time are not known or recognized by most of their members                       
  79. No soul winning
  80. Power struggle among the leaders
  81. Preachers expect salary that eternal crown
  82. Worship team likes to be glorified than God
  83. Some worship team members don’t know Christ – they’re unsaved
  84. Life is taken for granted
  85. There’s no testimony of what God is doing in lives
  86. Visitors feel that the church is cold and dead
  87. Lack of unity
  88. Birthday are loudly celebrated in church that a worship song
  89. Long prayers for wealthy members and short ones for poor
  90. Not meeting the needs of the church or the community
  91. No equipping of Christians for ministry
  92. No discernment
  93. Pastors and elders are not teachers
  94. Sermons lack power
  95. No Biblical application to everyday life
  96. No fear of God
  97. Giving is minimal, few tithers
  98. No missions or constant struggle against any giving outside the local congregation         The Biblical purposes of the church are lost
  99. Church becomes family property or business entity
  100. Canceling services
  101. Much gossip and backbiting

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