Saturday, February 19, 2011

Revelations 7 (Part VIII) Dan

By Odon Bulamba (5th June 2005) 

Dan, “He has vindicated” is the fifth son of Jacob born to Bilhah (Rachel’s servant) Genesis 30: 6.
He was told by his father he will provide justice.

But in Revelation 7, this name is not mentioned. God has removed this name. Why? Because some people in Dan’s tribe started to adore other gods and consequently God removed even that small blessing of 12,000 people. If someone of Dan’s tribe accepts Jesus-Christ today, he’ll be saved but if they don’t accept Jesus-Christ when God comes back, they’ll not have that chance. You might wonder why? The same happened to Lucifer. He wouldn’t be forgiven even if he asked for it today. He can’t repent. He knows about these coming days and his punishment. Grace is not there for him.

That grace has also disappeared for Dan’s tribe. They tried to practice justice and tell others about it but their justice is not Christ’s justice, it’s just the justice of Judaism, justice of their own rules/culture/this world but not of God. Most preachers in Israel today are of Dan’s descendants, they proclaim the Word of God with power and talk about Jesus-Christ; they are trying to apply justice. But the real Jesus-Christ has no place in their lives.

In the church today, Dan’s descendants help poor people, assist the sick, give away good things and think this is salvation and justice but they don’t practice true justice from God.


Think about what is God’s justice. We will talk about it next Friday. It will help us understand the trumpets and how the seven bowls work. It will help us understand what will happen on the day of judgement. We are today in front of that justice. What is it and where is it? People say: “We need justice, justice must be done!” But where is it, what type of justice do you want? There are many types of justice: justice of our country, our nation and community … God also has His justice.

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