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DEMONS How they work (Part II)

By Odon Bulamba (21st November 2003)

I’m going to use the example of a tie to teach us something. If I make the tie long like this and use the end to make a head, it gives the shape of a cobra snake. We know the cobra is extremely dangerous because when it bites you, there is death without any forgiveness.

Also, the tie has a hole inside it which hides something in the same way the skin of the snake can be shed and underneath that skin something is hidden (we might talk more about this next time.

So how do we do a tie? It is not easy to wear a tie, especially if you haven’t learnt and if you don’t know it, it will be a serious problem. There are calculations that must be done and everything must be done precisely and if you are not careful, the shape will not be nice. A tie has a front and a back.
What is in front always stays there but what allowed the tie to be taken off is the back part. The front part doesn’t know but what is behind is what makes action and that is the same with impure spirits. The impure spirit will give you a picture of a good man but inside the heart there is death.

There is a certain way to wear a tie. I have to open the buttons of my shirt before the tie accepts to come behind the collar and as for us Christians, we have the faith and this faith is sealed by the Holy Spirit which is represented by a small presence but when you refuse to seal this faith, the bad spirit comes in you and finds a place without problems. The bad spirit will make what is hidden behind your faith and everyone will think, ‘oh Odon is a good guy.’ But you don’t know Odon. Sylvie is good, but who told you that. Michelle is good but how did you know that. Steve is perfect but who told you that. That is why God gave us the spirit of discernment because many people will be lost in the last days through many people who talk with the name of Jesus.

Today we watch tv and we see everywhere woman preaching for example and the Bible says that a woman can’t do that but because there is a spirit of blindness many churches, Christians and non-christians accept women to preach. I don’t condemn these people because I am not allowed to but they may lead many people into mistake.

When a tie is made properly you can pull on one side and the neck part becomes tighter and this is the same with impure spirits; they also start to pull little by little. When the spirit comes into your life it is like that, it doesn’t tighten at first but lets you relax so you might not realise that a spirit has come into your life and the demon will start to tighten little by little.

Nobody can wear a tie on their hands it is always around the neck and the neck is a sensitive part of the body; life is there. When the tie is pulled around the neck tightly, the voice starts to change. When evil spirits are there, you’ll find that a Christian life is changing and the way you live changes, the way you talk will also start changing and people will realise that this person has changed in his or her life. Everything that will come out of you will reflect something from death.

When the tie is around the neck and a person pulls on the part that makes it tighter, the person wearing the tie is obliged to go in the direction that they are being pulled. You are obliged to follow. I can’t say no I want to go back because I fear death so I must follow. This is the way demons work, it starts little by little, they get there and start to make your life turn little by little and those who were 100% in the Lord, you’ll become a quarter or a third in the Lord.

It’s like the hand of crab, instead of walking like a man you walk like a crab and in the church there are many people living that way that is why the Bible said that in the last days (written in prophecies) the devil will have the first position in the church and us as Christians we have to fight, we must fight the devil, we must fight these spirits.

How to fight them? It must start with our own houses, it must start with our own lives. Many people have the courage to pray for sick people, they have courage to pray for the non-christians but they don’t have the courage to pray for their own faith. They don’t have the courage to ask God to give them strength to win over the devil and these spirits can see that.

Look at my shoes, they are black but if I take off these shoes do you know what is underneath? There are socks but how are they? Some socks are smelly and others are not. Maybe if I take off my shoes, everybody will be embarrassed but Colleen took off her shoes and everything is ok, isn’t that right. My socks maybe of good quality and have great value, they may have cost $100.00 but if I am not careful, they will smell, they will never be ashamed to smell.

Once I went to a country in Africa (Namibia) and when I arrived somewhere they told me it is here that you will stay and rest with us and there was a very respected man there. This person was very rich and when we were invited into the house of this man, everybody had to take off their shoes at the door. For me it was not easy because there were many people there. The first person had the courage to take off his shoes and come in and because I knew what I had under my shoes, my heart started beating differently because one of my socks had a window. My friend was beside me and he hadn’t cleaned his socks for six days and inside his heart he said also, who asked me to wear these socks.

Everybody took their shoes off and when it was my time I thought I will also take off my socks at the same time and leave them in my shoes. And someone told me no don’t take off your socks, come in with your socks. I said that it’s ok but he insisted. There was a little stool prepared and we had to put our feet on the stool because this was their culture. Imagine, what shall I do? I took my foot and started to hide it under the other one but it didn’t hold because I was tired. He asked me, are you alright? Yes I’m ok and everybody started laughing because I wanted to hide what is impossible to hide. Although I had a nice suit and a good shirt but my socks were a shame and it would be the same thing on the day of the Lord.

Many people have gifts but underneath somewhere there the demon has room and while he is there he doesn’t talk, while he dwells in you he doesn’t talk because he has a dwelling place. He doesn’t move because he knows that if he moves he will be asked to leave so he starts beating you up little by little.

My friend who had the smelly socks started to bother those around him and those people didn’t have peace anymore, they couldn’t talk but from their faces you could see that there was something wrong, they were really embarrassed and eventually the landlord asked my friend and me, ‘come, there are some good socks there for you.’ What shame, I had the money to buy socks but I neglected. Negligence is the worst thing in a Christian life. You will neglect a small thing but before God it will be a big thing and that is the way that demons work in a Christian’s life.

You can see the tie here, this tie has also a seam and the seam is always hidden. You don’t realise that there is a seam here when you look at the front part and that is why Jesus said that it would be impossible for you to do a seam with the Word of God to take an old fabric and sew it onto a new one. When you were a sinner this was your old life. You will never take your Christianity and sew it together with your old life. When you look inside a tie you’ll see that there are always two different fabrics sewn together. All the ties have this, unless there has been a change but this is the way since old times and the church of God walk this way, people today mix politics and the gospel. People mix up the worldly life and the gospel. Culture is mixed up with the gospel.

Can you mix water and oil together, no this cannot work but today we force the church to mix them up because impure spirits lead the church today and demons lead the church if Christians don’t do anything against that. Remember the victory Jesus gave you! You’ll cast out demons and why wouldn’t you cast out demons in yourself? Are waiting for someone else to do it? What do you wait for, cast them out yourself. Pray for others and pray for yourself so that you might be completely free.

Today there is a law on earth when you go and visit the authorities or people of great value you must wear a tie. When you go to a respectable place you must wear a tie. Can you take your Bible to these meetings? When you want to meet Helen Clark (prime minister of NZ) will you take your Bible with you to meet her? Few are the people who will do that. You will come into Helen’s place and say I have a problem and my problem is this and that, help me to find a solution. Few are the people who will take a Bible to tell Helen Clark that Jesus loves you and Jesus needs your soul. Few people would do that and it’s not only Helen Clark, we don’t even do that for our children and our friends.

The demons who work with Christians are the demons of shame. This demon is very strong. You will say hallelujah to a Christian or may the Lord be blessed to the person you know but if I meet a non-christian, I will hide praise the Lord. I might even be with a friend and if I meet Shari on the way, because I know that my friend is not a Christian, the stories of hallelujah and praise the Lord are going to be left in my pocket and when Shari will start talking about the Bible I will feel a little bit embarrassed, ‘ssshh, don’t, what are you saying I have a friend who doesn’t want these stories’ and this is life, this is the way demons work.

But don’t forget whoever will be ashamed of Jesus on earth, in the heaven He will be ashamed of them too. Put aside this demon of shame and give the gospel, talk and nobody will stop you because if you don’t talk, one day God will ask you, the mouth I gave you what did you do with it? You will never say I ate KFC and Mc Donald, that is the way I used my mouth. God will never accept that, God will say I gave you feet, what did you do with these feet? I ran everyday for my fitness. Why didn’t you run to give the gospel to others. We are going to have an account to give.

Since we are still alive, demons are still fighting against us to make us weaker and weaker. Don’t forget that you are a winner because you are not the one who fights, Jesus fought for us 2000 years ago and He promised everything has been finished. So why would we worry, we only have to remind demons what Jesus said on the cross, ‘everything is finished, you don’t have any part in my life you don’t have any power to lead me into wrong because everything has been fulfilled since 2000 years ago’.

It’s like the movies we see on the tv, these movies were made a long time ago even if you talk about new release the movie has been done a few months before. Maybe for you it is the first time to see it but the actors are at their places and they are eating and sleeping. We must remind the devil of this, don’t show us the present situation, remember what Jesus did at Golgotha, satan was defeated there. So everything you show us is not life, it happened a long time ago, so we don’t need you.

What does the shame do when the shame comes into the Christian family, I’m here with my son and he does something wrong; I look first to see what people will say. This child made me ashamed, ‘Odon look after your child’, ‘It’s alright I’m going to look after him at home’ but at home I won’t do anything and tomorrow and the next day and it’s a habit for me. The child will keep making you useless in front of others so we are called to teach the gospel to our children. We are called to help our children.

Women in the old time when they were pregnant, this was the time to commit the child to God, ‘Oh God help this child within me, make the child a good example, start teaching him/her while in my womb as you taught John the Baptist and Samson, as you taught Jesus in the womb of His mother’. The child will be blessed from inside and when the child will be born maybe the angels will sing because God’s glory is there. Remember what Jesus said we will do more than that, Jesus said have faith and you will do more than even me so if you get pregnant today make sure that your child will be able to work and perform miracles for God. Don’t be afraid to say that your child will be taught as an Asian or African or English or French or whatever, red or blue. No, say that my child will be taught with a heavenly education, I need divine teaching and God starts teaching that child and you will see how demons will flee far from this child.

I’m going to stop here, people always say that it’s not to have a big nose that will help you smell easily, it’s not because of your great big nose that you will breath all the air. Never! You might have a small nose and it might work better than a big nose, so don’t neglect what you are.

Let’s pray, we will pray that God might help us against the demonic forces so the devil might not bind us.

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