Friday, September 17, 2010

DEMONS How they work (Part I)

By Odon Bulamba (21st November 2003)

Thank you very much for being here tonight, it is true when we come together and meet together for God’s glory at that time the devil also gathers his own to glorify himself. The life we live on earth is a short life but sometimes we forget that our life is so very short and when you are alive you forget completely about death, when you feel sick you might have an idea sometimes about death and when you go through difficulties you will expect a solution that will be a good one and you always hope for tomorrow that the solution will be there.

But for demons it’s not the case, they knew from the beginning that they were condemned and they know that there is no more chance for them and that they have been condemned for eternity. They know that they will never know any solution for their problem and they know that they will never be forgiven because grace was limited, so for them they only live despair.

People who are desperate on this earth sometimes commit suicide, sometimes they become angry, sometimes they behave like animals and sometimes they don’t want any one around them because of their despair. You and me when we are in despair do we have joy or distress? Tell me, when you are in despair, does this distress sometimes lead to anger?

Devil has collected all the spirits and has told them, we have lost the battle so because you are all in anguish let’s make an army and this army will be called the army of darkness and we’ll keep fighting until the end. Because God won over us, the angel Michael won over us, it would be better now to fight against God’s creatures and they came together to know what they would fight against. An idea came, we must fight men because men have been created in God’s image, if we touch men, God also will be touched. That is how the devil made the decision to start the fight against men and this battle started to organise strategies to know who is a Christian and who is not a Christian and to fight.

Demons don’t have a choice, they don’t have forgiveness or pity so if you think the devil can’t do that to me, you are wrong. Make sure you are wrong. Imagine the courage of the devil who would tempt Jesus and he tempted Him three times. Although Jesus was holy and is God, he fought against Him three times to tempt Him. So why would satan not also tempt us human beings?

There was a man who had three children. At the end of the year, at New Year’s Eve he would always ask his children where they would go for holidays and they would say we are going to France and to Belgium and so forth. He would say, so book a hotel and choose where you are going to stay and the children would choose expensive hotels and he would give them lots of pocket money. One year, the last year before this man died he told his children, up until now I have always asked you what you wanted but today I’m going to tell you what I want and he had prepared three bags and these bags were like boxes with gold.

Then he called his first son and the first son saw the boxes appearance and the Dad said I’m going to give you a present that is really special, one that you have never had in your life. The child thought maybe its lots of money, the child may have thought there is diamond and gold inside. His Dad said, stay here and he called upon the other children and said the same thing. And he asked the first one to open his box and he did and found a sheet of paper and on this sheet was written, I give you all the blessings. The child was disappointed, why only blessings, others find money or clothes, you give them lots of things but for me you just give one word; blessings.

He said to the second one, open and the second one said, ‘oh man I think I’m going to go through the same thing’, and when the second one opened it said, I give you peace, so may peace be with you. ‘Am I going to eat this?’ Inside his heart he was not happy.

The third one, he asked him to open and he told him, I give you love. Daddy how are we going to go on holiday now? I’d planned to go to the States and you talk about peace, you speak about love, you speak about blessings, we don’t need them. The Dad was very disappointed, he said take it because it is a battle you are going to have and the father could see all the spirits roaming around the children. He knew that without love his children will never be winners, without joy and peace his children will never win and without blessings they will be unhappy.

The children didn’t accept that and the father brought his three children to the beach because his children were sulking and they didn’t want to talk to their father. He said let’s have a walk and one of children took one of his friends with him and while they were walking along the beach the father would talk to them, he said be proud of what your father gives because it is of real value. The oldest saw on the beach people who were half naked having a bathe and he said. ‘daddy I don’t have time to waste let me have a bathe it’s very hot’, and the father could see the spirit coming close to his child to draw him in and the father said, ‘my son listen to me, come back’. ‘Oh you with your stories, I don’t mind let me go, you are not able to pay my ticket to the states and you ask me to take a walk along the beach’.

When the first one went the two other brothers and the friend followed him and these children swam. They went a little bit too far and the wind came and the waves were very strong and the children started crying, ‘daddy, help, help. The father had with him a rope and looked at the four children in the ocean and wondered whom shall I not throw the rope. He had only two seconds to think because the waves were really strong and the father thought because my children know about Jesus and because I talked to them about peace, love and blessings and they didn’t listen to me and because their friend is there, I will throw the rope to their friend.

The father threw the rope to the children’s friend and this child was saved but all three of his own children died. Why do I talk about this? Sometimes God gives us peace and impure spirits show us that peace is somewhere else. You look for peace in your neighbour’s place, you try to find peace with a sorcerer, you try to find peace at the funeral, you call the police to find peace and I assure you that you will never find peace in anything else. The policemen too have these problems, even ministers have their problems.

Secondly God had talked to them about blessings and impure spirits show us that there are no blessings on earth and many Christians are confused about it. When they don’t find material things they don’t know they are blessed, for them blessing is to have many goods around them. When they cannot see material things they think that blessing is not there and that God doesn’t love them. I assure you my brother and sister to find salvation is a blessing and it is a great blessing and if you don’t consider your salvation seriously you will be like these three children.

We have a box before us today and this box is decorated very well but the devil is not far away he is just around and you know that spirits that always fight Christians are called darkness exterminators because they are determined to exterminate, that is there role. When they know you are a Christian, they attack until the end and if you don’t persevere in prayer, you might lose your salvation.

How do these demons act? They start first with your children; they attack first the children in your house. The children are more and more educated, they annoy you until the point you get angry, ‘my son don’t do that!’ The son will say, ‘you say that to me? Oh what are you going to do to me, try to touch me and I will call the police.’ The child knows that his peace is in the police but this is not the child but the demon around him. When you talk to him about the Word of God, ‘oh it’s boring’. But if you talk about stars or musicians, children are very happy.

This is how the spirits work in the Christian’s house, when you tell your children, let’s pray they say, oh daddy again and when you insist they will do everything so that you might fall into temptation and when you listen, the devil rubs his hands and calls others.

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