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By Odon Bulamba (21 March 2003)

Times goes, Those who were 50 two years ago are now 52, and yesterday won’t come back anymore. 7 o’clock, which was 1 hour ago will never be here again. The time we have will stop one day. Yesterday we met here but tomorrow we might not.

God created man so that man could follow his steps. God has created man so man can follow what God likes. God puts all of this in a very limited time. So we have to know that our time is very, very limited on earth. The time of the gospel is limited too. The life we bear is limited, that’s why we have to hurry to reach our aim. We won’t be able to come back always on what we talked about 5 or 10 years ago. We have to run and walk behind Jesus. So brothers and sisters I exhort you tonight, if you don’t have shoes on your feet it’s time to wear them, if your belt is not here, it’s time to wear it. If you have no clothes on, it’s now time to wear clothes. So we are going to speed up the teaching. If you are not here once or twice, this time will never come back.

Last week we talked about man’s heart. We talked about the peacock. Today we are going to talk about the Pig. Everybody loves pigs’ meat. Why? Ange says “tastes good’ Colleen says, “I don’t ”. See, that’s not true, not everybody likes pork. Some people like it and others hate it. Maybe those who like it, like it because it tastes good. Those who don’t like it have their reasons, but what are their reasons? I might ask my sister Colleen. Why don’t you like pork? She says I don’t like the taste. This is a good reason, she doesn’t like the taste, because Ange likes this taste and the other sister doesn’t.

The spiritual life is the same. Some like praying and others say I don’t like praying, I like singing. So God put in men a desire and this desire depends on each one of us. But because we are human beings we must not stop at our desires. We must also see what God’s desires are.

Some people don’t like Pigs because they have a long mouth, and others say because it’s got a flat nose and others because it has big ears and so on. Every person has his own reason. Those who are slim don’t eat pork because it makes them fat, so they say for that reason I don’t eat pork. But for God, who is our creator, He loves us and shows us everything. We must learn what He wants. This might look difficult for us but we must accept it because it’s Gods life.

Christians must not live like pigs. You know that the pig is a common animal and he lives with man. But it’s not an obedient animal. This animal thinks only of its stomach. A pig can give birth and at the same time can eat up its own kids. You can wash a pig, and after 3 minutes if they find mud they will go in it. So the pig is a bit difficult. It’s the same as some Christians who are a bit difficult in God’s eyes. Each second God can wash them. They’ll say God purify me for my sins. God forgive me for what I do. But when they give birth to one soul, they are the first one to stab them in the back. Their behaviour will make this soul be lost.

We read this many times about the Pharisees. When they save a soul they help this soul go to hell. In God’s church this behaviour exists too. You, when you save a soul, how do you take care of this soul? When you take someone to Jesus what follow up do you have? Between us here how many times did you invite people to the prayer meeting and where are they? Did you take care of these people or not? Or did you do what the pig did? Did you give birth and then destroy your kids, and after that you forget the rest. And you’ll say God clean me up from my sins. Yes God purifies you and after 3 minutes you’ll go back to the mud.

As you know, who has never seen pig’s ears? I think they are short and small. Is that right? No. Pigs have big ears and often the ears are not standing up, they are drooping. Us as Christians we have ears and God gave us ears to listen. But when it’s about the message of the Lord we are the first one to drop our ears. We are the first ones to drop our ears and act like we don’t understand, or don’t listen.

Because it’s Gods message, but when Peter or Sylvie say something our ears stand up to listen to what they say. What did Sylvie say? Let me analyse what she said. But when God speaks you don’t analyse. Remember this behaviour will justify you one day.

As you know with the pig, when the pig walks its nose is always downwards. When the pig walks often its nose is not more than 20cm from the ground, it’s very close to the ground. It goes everywhere and tries to see everywhere. If the pig comes across something, if its nose touches something, the first reaction is to open its mouth and try to chew it. It can be something to eat, it can be dirt, can be anything, the pig doesn’t care it eats everything.

Us Christians today, one more time God wants to wake us up. We are not people who must eat anything. We are people brought up by the gospel and we must choose between right and wrong, because our behaviour will justify us before God. If you eat good and evil all the time, remember that one day you’ll be confused. I tell you now but I’ve already said that before. The time we have is very limited. You think you are young today but those who were young yesterday, today they are old. Those who were old yesterday today they are gone. So we must be careful with our behaviour.

When the pig goes he always grunts, and when you try to touch it, it screams. For us, when Jesus pulls us, try to avoid sulking or grunting. Every time someone speaks to you deep in your heart that’s what you do, you sulk or grunt. What’s wrong? What’s happening in your life? You are not a pig. God created you as a man. You are Gods image you are not an image of an animal. So why do you sulk? When God touches you, everybody must know you are not a siren you are not allowed to make a noise.

For example: “you know my sister Saeeda said this”, but maybe Saeeda was sent by God to give you this message. “From today I’ll never talk again to Marcia because Marcia told me this and I was shocked”. Where are you going and where do you come from? Stop a bit and think. Remember you are a Christian and not a pig. So be sincere and honest with yourself. Be honest with your soul to know where you stand before God and remember all your actions will justify you one day.

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